Mr. Aleksey in our Office training for Automatic soldering robot H351 on 25th July.and 26th July.2017

Information:admin        Release time:   30 / July / 2017

Training provide for Mr. Aleksey from Russia to learn about the Automatic soldering robot H351,trainning includes below:

July.25th 2017(10:30-12:00): 

Install the machine .Machine function, Composition structure,Programming introduction.Introduce the method of replace the soldering tip and heater.

July.25th 2017(13:30-17:30):

Programming and soldering the PCB.Change different soldering tip to solder the PCB.

July.26th 2017(09:00-17:30):

Change different product to soldering.Machine maintenance.Common troubleshooting of machine.

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